Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Islam is NOT the Answer

Wonderful commentary, and true to the core...Found this on The Rant (the RIGHT WING version, in case you don't know..)


Islam Is (Not) the Answer
War on Terror/Lt. Col. Michael Burkert, US Army (ret.)
December 17, 2005 - During the four years my wife and I lived in the Middle East, we constantly saw bumper stickers, graffiti and even posted billboards that proudly proclaimed in both English and Arabic, “ISLAM IS THE ANSWER.” Although it was commonly understood that the ruling Al-Sabah family in Kuwait was a little edgy about this slogan, they nonetheless allowed its display out of deference to the tiny Emirate’s hardcore Islamists.

Essentially, Islamists view the world in two lights. The first, being lands controlled by Islam, (Dar Al-Islam) and second, lands to be conquered by Islam, (Dar Al-Harb, or Land of the Sword). Islam is in a constant state of war with all “Infidels,” and all nations that are not part of Dar Al-Islam, or Land of Submission.

Make no mistake about it; Islam is not a religion of love and peace. It’s not a religion of tolerance and understanding. When controlled by Islamists, such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, or the Islamic Guard in Iran, Saudi Wahhabism or Egypt’s Islamic Brotherhood, it’s a very intolerable, rigid religion. Liberalism, in the image of Teddy Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, or that crazy woman who turned left on her war hero son’s grave, is non-existent in Islam.

Islam means submission, and submission is determined by the Imam, Mullah, Mufti, Ayatollah or other “holy man” who happens to be in charge. There is no equivalent of a Pope, Metropolitan or other benevolent figure found in nominal Christian religions. There is a hierarchy of Muslim clerics, however there is no comparison between Islam and nominal Christianity.

An Islamic “holy man” has the authority to issue a Fatwah, which can be a death warrant directed at a perceived enemy of Islam. Many of you will remember when the Ayatollah Khomeini, Islamic dictator of Iran, issued a Fatwah for the death of Salman Rushdi. Rushdi was the author of “Satanic Verses,” literature according to the Ayatollah, “offended Islam.” That death warrant is still in effect, and since Khomeini is dead, it can’t be cancelled.

President Bush and other high-level government officials continue to emphatically state that, “The United States is not at war with Islam.” How naïve that statement is. Believe me, Islam is at war with us! It’s incredible that after nearly four years following the Al-Qaeda attacks on our nation, the we as a nation, can’t figure out who the enemy really is.

I work for some of the greatest military minds the United States has ever produced. Men who can plan for and win, any conventional battle imagined. Yet even they, have yet to understand what this war is all about. I do believe that many understand the reality of the situation, however, “political correctness,” so much a part of today’s military, precludes our great military thinkers from stating the obvious. We have the Clinton Administration for the leftist-leaning politicization of our military, which continues to be a problem today.

Our Transportation Security Agency or TSA, a national security apparatus at airports continues to strip search 75-year-old grandmothers, 80-year old war heroes, such as General Joe Foss, (TSA was going to seize his Medal of Honor claiming it was a throwing star) while allowing young Middle Eastern men to pass unencumbered. They don’t get it either!

But then we are still afraid of “offending” our enemies by profiling them, and giving them special attention. The fear of irking some third world goatherd is ever on our national minds.

Islam has always been at war with the non-Islamic world. It’s the very essence and nature of the faith. Muslims are taught of the ultimate triumph of Islam over all others. To even think otherwise is to deny the religion. Islam has been at war with us since it was conjured-up by Mohammed and his gang, in the seventh century.

Today, at our Embassies in the Middle East, there are over 70,000 pending applications for Visas to enter the United States. This number grows everyday. Most of the Visa requests will be granted, and most of the Arab Muslims who travel to the United States will end up remaining in our country well beyond the granted stay.

Many will attend flight schools. A year after 911, Saddam Hussein’s stepson was arrested in Miami, with false documents. His intention was to attend a flight school. Many will receive other training and education that can be used against us. Many will have children born during their sojourn, and will thus have a claim to remain in the United States permanently. Many will simply remain, blend into the Middle Eastern community, until it’s their turn to act, “for Allah.”

I could quote a litany of verses from the Koran, the Haddith and other so-called “holy literature” which clearly illustrates that Islamics intends to conquer the world under the sword of Islam. The intent is to convert every man, woman and child to Islam, or to kill them…all! To the Islamists, it doesn’t matter. Allah, is a “happy camper,” regardless. The conquered will either submit or die; it’s as simple as that.

The 9/11 attacks are estimated to have caused over $20 billion in direct losses to our nation. How many more attacks can the United States sustain, and keep our economy intact? The Islamic enemy knows this quite well. He knows that he can bide his time, and strike when we least expect it, and cause not only thousands of deaths of innocents, but also an enormous cost to our economy.

Ultimately, while we as a nation continue to pretend that Islam is not our enemy, future attacks will serve to solidify Islamic resolve, and weaken ours. The Islamic enemy in Iraq KNOWS that all he has to do is to continue to wear down American resolve by continuing the Intifada. Our enemy knows that the partisan press in the USA keeps a running score of our combat deaths, as if they were keeping score at a ballgame.

We still have years of this war ahead of us, and it’s going to get worse than most of us want to imagine. We may finish the job in Iraq and return complete control over to the Iraqis, but we are not done in the Middle East. Not by a long shot.

The same methods that defeated the United States in Vietnam are being used to defeat us in the fight against terrorism. Islam can’t beat the United States on the battlefield, in the skies, or at sea. The Islamists know that they can never defeat the United States in an open military confrontation.

However, the Islamic enemy knows that our national WILL, can be beaten. History has already revealed that fact. The enemy sees our nation as a morally corrupt and abominable land. He sees useful idiots like that old liberal socialist fool from the Johnson Administration who’s defending Saddam Hussein and spewing forth anti-American propaganda on international media outlets, at EVERY OPPORTUNITY. Most of the liberals who spew forth anti-American and anti-Bush sewage are national embarrassments to us, who serve overseas! That includes the Hollywood twits, as well as the liberal political morons our nation is sadly, overburdened with.

The Islamic enemy sees our national morality in the sewer. He sees our leaders like Hillary Clinton appeal to gays and lesbians by declaring that “We are fighting for our values, and that includes ending discrimination against gays and lesbians once and for all." You have no idea how much fuel a speech such as that pours on the fire of Islam!

When Hillary made that speech a few years back it was worth 10,000 new Jihadists to Osama bin Laden and his ilk. That one speech, which was disseminated widely throughout the Islamic world proved the very point that Osama bin Laden, was trying to make to his constituency. To the Islamist, the United States is the Great Satan! One only need watch American television or see an American movie, or listen to a political “leader” and this point is obvious.

Clearly, ISLAM is NOT the Answer. Yet sadly there are those in our nation who believe that it is. Many foolish, naïve and duped Academics blame the United States for the ills of the world, and particularly the Bush Administration. Everything from so-called global warming to famine in Trashcanistan are woes brought about by America. You would have thought that eight years of Bill Clinton would have settled and solved all of the world’s problems.

No doubt the future liberal-socialist president of our country will be able to pick up where old Bill left off, and move forward to make the world a safe place through spewing forth liberalism, political correctness and other leftist dribble! What is it they love to say, oh yeah, “If only we’d give peace a chance?” I really like that one.


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